Here are some ways to nurture your child’s natural curiosity.Children are natural scientists, observing their world, testing their hypotheses, and studying the results of their experiments. To help engage your child’s natural curiosity: Prepare foods together. The kitchen makes a great laboratory where your child can observe how mixing ingredients creates new colors and […]


Asking for forgiveness from you…

I’m sincerely sorry for haven’t posted anything that long due to some unavoidable circumstances,I was trying to secure admission in university after graduating from high school and miraculously!… I did succeed with my six years of studying since high school… to be honest, I know I miss a lot of my most favourite posts. I’m […]

Make a Pinhole Projector!

Take a look around you. Everything appears right side up. Although this makes sense, it’s not how your eye sees it. Images that are cast upon your eye’s light-sensitive screen (called the retina) are upside down. It takes a learned brain trick to flip these images right side up so that they match the look […]

Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps!

When baking soda is mixed with citric acid, a bubbling reaction takes place. Help your child experiment with mixing some acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath bombs! These fizzing little balls can be enjoyed by your family or given as gifts. This project is as simple as a visit to the pantry, […]

Build an Indoor Igloo!

You don’t need to head to the Arctic to experiment with life in an igloo. Igloos have been used for over 1,000 years by the Inuit and other Native American tribes and can still be found throughout the Arctic today. Your child can build her own igloo at home and learn about a different kind […]

Colour cookies!

Young kids love to bake. This activity lets them go frosting crazy, while experimenting with colors, and how they mix. Once the science experiment is done, it’s time for milk and cookies! What You Need: Sugar cookies (either homemade or store bought) Food coloring White frosting 10 small plastic bowls Set of measuring spoons Larger […]

Make Sand Candles!

Summer time for many families almost always means trips (hopefully many, many of them) to the beach. The sun, the surf and the warm breezes make for a perfect summer time outing. The next time you plan a trip to the beach, you and your child can bring some of the fun home with you […]

  Balloon Air Pressure Magic

Warning all grownups: get your sense of humor ready for this science experiment, which demonstrates fundamental physics of air pressure. You can do this in a lab, of course, or with technical worksheets, but we love this goofy “magic” trick with a kid and a grownup…and an audience, too, if you dare. What You Need: […]